You are the salt of the earth...
you are the light of the world

the Salt & Light Campaign



Our goal is to highlight and encourage God's people in North Minneapolis to come together for:
Go to Prayer


We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but rulers, powers and authorities in the heavenly realms…Our prayers have divine power to demolish strongholds! Prayer of the righteous has the power to change our community!

Go to Blessing


We are told to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” We commit to doing an act of blessing with our neighbors in the Name and Power of Jesus Christ. Each day will be different, but our gifts will reflect Christ’s love and will be given freely. Any neighbor should be encouraged to take part.

Go to Unity


Christ is our head, and we are His Body. As a Church, we can do more together than apart. We will gather daily from different denominations and backgrounds with 1 purpose: to lift up the Name of Jesus over our neighborhoods.

Go to fellowship


Sunday is often the most segregated day of the week. Many of us feel isolated. We want to get to know our neighbors both in and out of the church and encourage each other. We want to see change in our community, and relationship building is part of that change.

Why Salt and Light?
Jesus said: "you are the salt of the are the Light of the world.."

Our goals are simple: enable the followers of Jesus in our neighborhood to "Be Salt. Be Light." We recognize that God is doing His work with many of us across our neighborhoods. This website is intended to be a common space for invitation and encouragement so the Body can communicate with each other. Sign up to post events, invite others, or follow along with notifications.

  • few requirements are placed on our partners, but we do ask that you agree to our 'Statement of Faith'. We believe that the only Name given that has the Power to save us and change our community is the Name of Jesus Christ. This does not mean we would turn anyone away who wants to help, it simply means our prayer and blessing times are led by a follower of Jesus.

  • Plan with your church or neighbors to adopt a day for prayer or blessing. Adopting a day means that you will host other believers on the Northside, agree to meet and pray with them outdoors at least a half hour before your event, and do a simple act of blessing for your neighborhood. (i.e.: cleanup, food, popsicles, games, whatever; just do something free for your neighbors that reminds them of God's love)

  • The calendar lets the community know what's going on. This will act as the official invitation to the community. Links will also be included on social media outlets. Again, any neighbor is welcome to join our activity, but the prayer and blessing time will be led by a representative of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Post pictures, videos, testimonies or any other form of encouragement to the website. This is for our mutual encouragement.

Our Partners

Below are some of our local partners. Want to join?

Northside Prayer Fellowship

Prayer in Action
Gather with us the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month for focused prayer on the North side.

Antioch Ministries

Youth Ministry
Empowering the future leaders on North Minneapolis.


Empower, Develop, Connect Hope in Minneapolis
Poverty is defined as a lack of options; we create options together with the whole body of Christ.

Sanctuary Covenant

A northside church
The Sanctuary wants to make a lasting difference in your life and our community.

Faith Baptist

A Northside Church
4350 Russel Ave N

Beacon of Hope

Northside Church
Food programs and weekly service

Spirit of the Lord Church

1001 Penn Ave N

Hope United CDC

the Bridge of Reconciliation

Hope Lutheran Church

5200 Emerson

Shiloh Temple

1201 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN · (763) 535-4448

Scriptural support and background

We love North Minneapolis. We love Jesus. Jesus loves North Minneapolis, and His plan to express His love to our neighborhood is you and me. How can followers of Christ best express this love? Together. Jesus said, "If 2 of you agree on will be done for them by my Father in heaven." It is time to unite under the Name of Jesus, and make our requests for peace in N. Mpls.

Upcoming Events

Reach out for more info or to register to adopt a day